Now autumn is almost here, mushrooms and berries and the first yellow leaves adorn the greenery of the forest. During the late summer and autumn we offer several forest bathing opportunities, when we guide in slowing down the pace, open our minds and take in the autumn atmosphere


Price: 250 kr 

Book and contact:

tel: 0768097636


Datum Stockby, Långängen Lidingö:

Meeting point: Stockbyvägen, parking: 59°21'19.8"N 18°10'37.4"E

5e Oktober 13.00-15.30

12e Oktober 13.00-15.30

13e Oktober 19.00-21.00 (vandring med Fullmåne)

17e Oktober 13.00-15.00 (english)

19e Oktober 13.00-15.30

20e Oktober 13.00-15.30 (english)

22a Oktober 13.00-15.30 (english)

26e Oktober 13.00-15.30

Forest Bathing Längsterbodarna, Bergsjö

Meeting point: Rexfors 115, Bergsjö


 22th September 10.00-12.30



Forest Bathing Långängen, Lidingö